Monday, 2 June 2008

Holiday snaps

To compensate for being useless at catching fishes, I decided to prove my worth by preparing the ceviche. It was the first time I made it, but it was so yummy and easy to make, that I will definately do it again. You will need:
  • Seafood. In this case fish (just caught, obv), but clams or squid or prawns will do just as well.
  • The juice of lots of lemons and one orange
  • A tomato, chopped finely
  • A large onion, finely chopped
  • Salt, chilli if desired
  • Half an hour for the juices to cook the fish


Beware boarding night busses with Frenchmen carrying moonshine.

In Puerto Lopez I finally got to see some Boobies!

In Montanita, biding time until the next coctail.


Anonymous said...

Hey Lorraine,

Good to speak to you the other day. We were all glad to hear that you're well and more than enjoying yourself.

I'm salivating at the ceviche and I really don't like fish! It sounds amazing(and yes chilli would be desired)

Unbridled horses, a sunset over the pacific and cockails on the beach - I'll trade you for my view of the Vodafone office.

Have an amazing time in the Galapagos and hope to see you soon!

James x

Rachel R said...

Ah! Were you my mystery caller from whom I was cut off the other night?!