Monday, 2 June 2008

Atacames by night

There is a coctail called ´Atacames by NIght´, which you can drink under the straw-thatched bars that stretch along the beach pumping salsa, merengue, and europop out onto the pacific.

Three things I did in Atacames by night:
  • Drank coctails and listened to Winter recounting there series of painful and embarrasing punishments he received during his military service.
  • Felt the warm waves tumble against me, and fought the urge to keep going further into the pitch black expanse of the Pacific.
  • Stood helpless as Winter and Nicholas grappled with muggers on the street outside our hostal, and thanked the stars that the attackers were inexperienced kids with only a blunt handleless blade and pieces of broken road to throw, and that the guys only suffered superficial scratches.

We left Atacames the next day.

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