Sunday, 9 March 2008

There will be changes


Some things just will not be the same again.

Some views will not exist anymore in September, because the city will have grown, and the village will be 'developed'.

This view of The Palace, from Sackville Street over the old car park, will disappear.

Like this, other parts of my old home, my old life, will become unrecognisable with time.

People will move on, forget and be forgotten. Babies will be born, and lives will change in all sorts of unpredictable ways.

But when I come back to Manchester, I know that I will be able to say hello to Alan. His nails might be painted a different colour then, but he will be there, in the shadow of new buildings.

There are some things in my life, some people, that have always been constant, even when I have not been.

I cannot find the right words to say how much I love you, and will miss being able to call on a whim. To know that you were there has always been a constant reassurance to me, and I just can't wait until our next random chat.

Take care of Manchester for me, will you please?

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