Wednesday, 16 April 2008


. If Dame Viviane made wellies (does she? I want some), she would make them like mine, I am sure.

The ingenuity brought about through practicality lends itself a particular style. My socks are too short for my boots, and so walking and working in humidity for hours causes chafing and an unsightly rash if I don´t have trousers tucked inside. And so my ´pirate´turn downs provide a simple and chic solution.

So far I have yet to find an answer to the question of the mid-calf tan line.

A pocket knife is a girl´s best friend. So far mine has been used for (amongst other things):

  • chopping vegetables in the rainforest, as an alternative to the customary machete

  • freeing a fallen horse from its load in the jungle

  • tweezing splinters

  • making a ling shot to collect leaf specimens

  • jungle manicures (apparently in Spanish there is a special word for the dirt under one´s nails)

  • piƱata production

.....and tonight, I will attempt to give myself a haircut with it.

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