Sunday, 12 October 2008


I am hoping that anyone who has been reading this will not be surprised by amonth of so's lull in updates.

Yes, I know that I have been out of the rainforest for about five weeks now, and strictly speaking it should have been easy to get on the internet and recount a little of how it has been since coming into a familiar runway after a long journey and walking out of Picadilly station towards Canal Street, laden with a backpack on each side and a mule sack of six months' belongings on alternating shoulders.

It should have been easier than the race against time of internet cafes with sleepy connections from occasional vacations from the forest, it should have been a full run-through of everything I hadn't had the chance to say before.

Naivite had me believe that life would take some sort of shape within a short space after arrival, but of course I had been living at a pace different to the rush and expectation of the life I had left, and it would take some time before a type of clarity could be reached....

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