Monday, 28 July 2008

Hasta luego

Sorry, I did warn you that I wouldn´t have time to detail everything before I run off into the trees again.

So here are some edited highlights from the last couple of weeks...

  • Eating an Argentinian grill in a Chinese run restaraunt in Loja
  • Consumption - coffee, cakes and clothes
  • Consumption - Sexo en la Ciudad
  • The colonial influence - Ecuador with a European flavour
  • The hippest hostal in Cuenca
  • Inca ruins and alpaca socks
  • Sharing a box of wine on the steps to the river, double dating Cuenca style
  • Talking philosophy and phonetics with a fairy
  • Classic cinema and sign language
  • The best laid plans - communication problems, the social politics of guide searching and tension amongst travel companions
  • Trying to break a spell without breaking a heart

And now I have a few things to do here in Quito before leaving for Quininde in the morning. Not very interesting.

So tomorrow morning Felica and I will part ways, for good this time, which might be a bit strange. Then I will head to La Ye from Quininde (hopefully without livestock in the camionetta this time) and look for Winter, who is hanging around with a broken foot unable to work at the moment. He says he is waiting for me there with ´una de ron´ (a bottle of rum). After a night in La Ye, probably staying in the house that Winter is building for himself, Don Armardo says he´ll be there in the morning with a mule for me. For my bags, rather, because I am hiking the 3 1/2 hour muddy road to Bilsa in my faithful rubber boots.

When I get there, after I have said hello and dropped my bags in my room, the first thing I plan to do is to go down to the river for a shower. Then I will wash the city off, wash away the dirt and smoke and dry air, and breathe only the sounds and smells of the forest.

Ciao for now.

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